Dominic Magirr

Research Associate

Multi-arm multi-stage designs for clinical trials

In early stages of drug development there often is uncertainty about the most promising among a set of different treatments. These distinct treatments could be different doses of the same drug or different combinations of drugs. In order to ensure the best use of resources in such situations it is important to decide which, if any, of the treatments should be taken forward for further testing. There is a range of well established fixed sample methods for this purpose. In the light of efficient decision making, however, it may be desirable to monitor the trial at a series of interim analyses in order to allow early stopping if efficacy is quickly established and similarly to eliminate ineffective treatments early. This project concerns designs with multiple stages that aim to compare several treatments to control. The theory of score tests is used as the foundation for the developed approaches.

Dominic Magirr
The MPS Research Unit
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Fylde College; Lancaster University Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4YF
+44 (0)1524 594675

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Research Interests

  • Adaptive designs
  • Multi-arm multi-stage designs

Selected Publications

  • Magirr, D., Jaki, T., Whitehead, J., ( 2012 ). A generalized Dunnett Test for Multi-arm Multi-stage Clinical Studies with Treatment Selection . Biometrika. 99(2), 494-501.
  • Jaki, T., Magirr, D., ( 2013 ). Considerations on covariates and endpoints in multi-arm multi-stage clinical trials selecting all promising treatments . Statistics in Medicine. 32(7), 1150-1163.