Anne Whitehead

Founder and former director

Professor Whitehead is a co-founder of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics Research Unit and currently its director. Her research interests include meta-analysis, Bayesian decision theory for phase I dose-finding studies and the design of paediatric studies. She is particularly interested in methodology for dealing with survival and ordered categorical data. She is involved in numerous collaborative research projects with the pharmaceutical industry, and in the presentation of short professional development courses on statistical methodology for drug development.

Anne Whitehead
The MPS Research Unit
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Fylde College; Lancaster University Lancaster, Lancashire LA1 4YF
+44 (0)1524 594282

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Research Interests

  • Meta-analysis
  • Dose-finding studies

Selected Publications

  • Whitehead, J., Thygesen, H., Whitehead, A., ( 2010 ). A Bayesian dose-escalation procedure for phase I clinical trials based only on the assumption of monotonicity . Statistics in Medicine 29, 1808-1824
  • Whitehead, J., Thygesen, H., Whitehead, A., ( 2011 ). Bayesian procedures for phase I/II clinical trials investigating the safety and efficacy of drug combinations . Statistics in Medicine 30, 1952-1970
  • Whitehead, A., ( 2002 ). Meta-analysis of Controlled Clinical Trials . Wiley: Chichester